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Making the Case for Ourselves: Boundary Objects in Critical STS Pedagogies Slides June 23, 2021

These slides were created by Marisa Brandt, Sean Ferguson, Anna Geltzer, Kathleen Sheppard, Kari Zacharias for their "Making the Case for Ourselves: Boundary Objects in Critical STS Pedagogies" panel as part of the STS as a Critical Pedagogy...Read more

STS Critical Pedagogies Workshop - STS Labs and Clinics - Your Classroom, Your Lab?

How can your classroom also be a space for modeling a "laboratory" or lab practices?

  • How can the " space " of your pedagogy or classroom be leveraged in a way that enacts a "laboratory"?
  • What is the " institution " where you
  • ...Read more
Reading: 30 Percent Chance

This reading, "'A 30% Chance of Rain Tomorrow': How Does the Public
Understand ProbabilisticWeather Forecasts?" by Gigerenzer et al. (2005), is included as part of a teaching artifact by Eric Kennedy.Read more

STS Teaching and Thinking with Disabilities Panel Notes June 14, 2021

This is a PDF download of a Google document. It reflects notes taken during the "STS Teaching and Thinking with Disabilities" Panel with Crystal Lee, Ashley Shew, and Cora Olson in the STS as a Critical Pedagogy Workshop, Summer 2021. Notes were primarily taken by undergraduate fellow Courtney...Read more

Humility in critical STS pedagogies

One theme that came across to me in the two sessions from today -- "Teaching and Thinking With Disabilities" and "We Are Screwing Up and Sticking With It" -- was the reflexivity and humility involved in practicing critical STS pedagogies. Disciplinary humility, epistemic humility, pedagogical...Read more
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