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Social, Technical... and Environmental?: Addressing Environmental Entanglements as a Part of Engineering Education

This paper, by Dr. Elizabeth A. Reddy and Dr. Shannon Davies Mancus, was presented at the ASEE 2021 meeting.

Training students to be sensitive to the entanglements of technologies and social life has been an important move for engineering educators interested...Read more

Introduction to Science and Technology Studies (STS 5024) Syllabus

This is a syllabus for Science and Technology Studies (STS 5024), a graduate course taught by Sonja Schmid and Matthew Wisnioski in Fall 2020.Read more

Choose Your Own Hurricane

This artifact was created by Eric Kennedy as a teaching resource in concert with the associated readings. See this bundle for associated readings: more

Reading: Cones of Uncertainty

This reading, "Misinterpretations of the 'Cone of Uncertainty' in Florida
during the 2004 Hurricane Season," BY KENNETH BROAD, ANTHONY LEISEROWITZ, JESSICA WEINKLE, AND MARISSA STEKETEE, is included here by Eric Kennedy as part of a teaching artifact.Read more

Panel Description (We are screwing up and sticking with it)

While technopreneurs have embraced the idea and practice of failing as necessary training for eventual success, in this panel we situate front and center our screw-ups and struggles in the classroom while divesting ourselves of the...Read more

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