Forging an STS Student Community Within STEM


Students in the STS Futures Lab bond and engage in a spontaneous STS-inflected discussion while putting together cabinets for the Lab space




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August 14, 2019 - 9:32am

Critical Commentary

By opening the STS Futures Lab to a small cohort of undergraduate students, we seek to forge an STS student community that learns as a cohort how to engage with each other and support each other around STS-inflected projects. While students from any discipline are welcome, the STS Futures Lab is located within the College of Integrated Science and Engineering, and the majority of participants are majors in the ABET-accredited applied science major called "Integrated Science and Technology." Developing an STS community within STEM spaces is an act of critical participation that seeks to make STS ways of thinking and doing a readily accessible and self-evidently important part of doing science and engineering well.



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