"Chinese Privilege": Teaching Race and Technology in Singapore

Monamie Bhadra Haines, Nanyang Technological University

What does it mean to teach undergraduates about race and technology in a Singaporean context where race is the veritable “superstructure” of society, with...Read more

STS Trivial Pursuit: 2

This is one in a series of homemade STS trivial pursuit cards I made to engage undergraduate students in an introductory STS course. I bought a used Trivial Pursuit game for a few dollars, and then had to explain to most of my students how the game worked, but it was fun.Read more

Image of the Scientist among High-School Students

Part of ScienceXPedagogy Archives

Written by Margaret Mead and Rhoda Metraux in 1957 for Science for a commissioned study by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) to understand...Read more

Play, Pedagogy and STS

"We use here play in the sense of Winnicott (2005) and others when thinking of play as a form of therapy. What we mean by this is that playing with numbers is a productive approach for thinking...Read more

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