Play, Pedagogy and STS

"We use here play in the sense of Winnicott (2005) and others when thinking of play as a form of therapy. What we mean by this is that playing with numbers is a productive approach for thinking...Read more


A short write-up about the STS Futures Lab was published in the inaugural issue of CIRCE STEAM Magazine. CIRCE is the Centre for Imagination in Research Culture & Education.Read more

How We're Taught to Teach / Pre-Workshop Memo

Last month I attended a two-session anti-racist pedagogy workshop at my university (Drexel, in Philadelphia, PA, US). It was organized by the Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (Amelia Hoover-Greene), with Drexel faculty member (Janet MCCloskey) and Neisha-Anne Green from American...Read more
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