Sean Ferguson


Michigan Grand Rapids, MI
United States


Assistant Professor until May 2022

Sean Ferguson has been teaching within the STS curriculum since 2014 and has partnered with Assistant Professor Rider Foley to explore Engineering Education Assessment Innovations in this capacity. His research includes work on digital citizenship, ethics, and the open data movement with Assistant Professor Caitlin Wylie and Associate Professor Kay Neeley. His research and teaching related to standards and Smart Cities has received funding from the National Institute of Standards and Technology as well as a series of internal grants. This work, in collaboration with Assistant Professor Sharon Ku and Professor Brantly Womack is a methodological inquiry into multi-sited ethnography and a comparison of Smart City Imaginaries in several urban locations in the United States, China, and Northern Africa. He draws upon social movement studies, environmental sociology, and STS to evaluate the values, agendas, and material culture of evolving urban spaces. Prior work includes evaluation of how the bioeconomy, particularly bioplastics, emerge and are governed at multiple scales.