STS as critical pedagogy

Scenario Workshop: Glowing Dogs

This class activity can be adapted with different cut-from-the-news topics, and is designed to introduced students to some basics of scenario analysis, design fiction, and ethical reasoning.Read more

Integrating Research and Teaching For Mutual Benefit

The STS Futures Lab operates at the intersection of research and pedagogy, considering how each might inform the other. The Lab’s orientation questions the boundaries that often separate the two and that place greater...Read more

The STS Futures Lab: A Space Proposal

In the 2018-19 year, the STS Futures Lab operated in a temporary, shared space. At the end of the academic year, we put together a space proposal articulating our need and justification for a dedicated space. This PDF is the space proposal we submitted. We were subsequently granted a dedicated...Read more

Design Fiction Final Project Assignment

In the Integrated Science and Technology program at James Madison University, students are required to take a foundations course on "Technology, Science, and Society." In this course, learning objectives include learning some basic STS concepts (e.g., social construction...Read more

Cultivating Interdisciplinary Trading Zones: SEESHOP 2019 Presentation

This presentation was created and delivered by Shannon N. Conley, Emily York, and undergraduate student Sam Kodua at the 2019 Studies of Expertise and Experience (SEESHOP) meeting in Helsinki. Here, we offer preliminary analysis of our Co-Imagining Futures research engagements, examining how...Read more

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