STS as critical pedagogy

Connecting Critical Participation and Critical Pedagogy

As described in our NSF proposal , frameworks that inform our thinking about STS as critical pedagogy include critical participation and critical pedagogy. How can we create learning environments that support students’...Read more

Integrating Research and Teaching For Mutual Benefit

The STS Futures Lab operates at the intersection of research and pedagogy, considering how each might inform the other. The Lab’s orientation questions the boundaries that often separate the two and that place greater...Read more

Co-Imagining Futures Methodology

In the Co-Imagining Futures research project, our process evolves with each iteration, but generally we proceed as follows:

  1. ...Read more

Critical Participation in Pedagogy and Research as a Mode of Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries

The STS Futures Lab is interested in making visible the creative possibilities of focusing on STS pedagogies--not only to improve STS teaching but to reconceptualize STS theories, methods, and strategies of engagement. Inspired in part by the...Read more

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