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engineering studies

Finding a Place for Engineering Studies in Disaster STS?

During the opening panel at the recent Society for the Social Studies of Science/Estudios Sociales de la Ciencia y la Tecnologia (4S/ESOCITE) meeting in Buenos Aires, the 4S president (and editor of this journal), Gary Downey, challenged us to move beyond the traditional linear model of...Read more

Engineering Studies: Engagements

I maintain that any scholarly field must transport the images it nominates beyond the boundaries of the field in order to be successful. Downey and Zhang 2015: 23 In a recently published interview , Gary Downey explains his dissapointment with continued privileging of the "linear model" of...Read more

Engineering Studies: Conditions

"[...] I was long frustrated with STS for contributing to a longstanding practice of disappearing engineers. Founding STS scholars tended to focus on science and technology. Even medicine fell outside this demarcation. Engineers and engineering tended to appear in STS work in one of two ways. The...Read more
New Editor-in-Chief Editorial

In this editorial, the new incoming editor-in-chief of Engineering Studies, Cyrus C. M. Mody, discusses delineates the biographical trajectory leading up to his taking  up the editorship of the journal and his understanding of its strengths and future directions. Mody also features six...Read more

Engineering Studies: Futures

In his inaugural editorial as the new Editor-in-Chief of Engineering Studies , Cyrus Mody suggests the field of engineering studies will continue to be oriented by two main thrusts for some time: the much-needed but contested diversification of both engineering and engineering studies, and the...Read more
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