The World Multiple: Everyday Politics of Knowing and Generating


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June 23, 2018 - 7:36am

Critical Commentary

Two day international conference titled "The World Multiple," held at National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, Japan, December 10, 2016 – December 11. 

Anthropologists and STS scholars have now demonstrated that the world of science and technology and that of indigenous and vernacular knowledge do not exist separately as two exclusively polarized realities. Rather, they are entangled with each other in people’s everyday lives. People live these multiple worlds and multiplex realities simultaneously, constantly moving back and forth between them. In turn, these worlds are generated by peoples’ everyday enactments of both technoscience and vernacular knowledge, provoking tensions and frictions while also producing creative possibilities for generating new worlds. Thus, it is ever more necessary to recognize and focus on people’s everyday practices with which they generate and negotiate with the competing and conflicting worlds. Close ethnographic attention to everyday practices of living multiple worlds will elucidate the quotidian politics of worlding. This conference aims to explore approaches to this quotidian politics of worlding.



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