Dealing with Difference: The Multiple Façades of Translation

‘There is no such thing as technological innovation in this country,’ I recall having been evoked in a discussion on innovations made in Turkey. Such claims rest on the assumption that countries like Turkey transfer technologies that have already been developed in other parts of the world...Read more

Publication Trends around anthropology and STS

The Anthropological Turn series, Suiseisha

In 2015, a Japanese publisher, Suiseisha ( 水声社 ), whose previous focus was French and other...Read more

After ANT: complexity, naming and topology ; introduction chapter by John Law

Through some understandings or stories about "Actor Network, " the author  points  us to the central problems he raised in his main argument

1) The first story is regarding Actor-network...Read more

ITU STS Program

This is an essay written by Prof. Hacer Ansal in Turkish. Prof. Ansal established the first STS MA program at a Turkish university (Istanbul Technical University) back in 2000. In the digital collection "...Read more

An interview with Naoki Kasuga

An interview with Naoki Kasuga by Casper Bruun Jensen. Kasuga is the founder and editor-in-chief of the online journal NatureCulture. He is also the editor of the book, Anthropology as Critique of Reality, which introduced the anthropological "ontological turn" in Japan.Read more

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