Kaleidoscopic STS: interruptions from the global south

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Suarez, Maka, Jorge Nunez, Maria Elissa Torres Carrasco, and Ronny Rafael Zegarra Pena. 2019. “Kaleidoscopic STS: interruptions from the Global South." In Innovating STS Gallery Exhibit, curated by Aalok Khandekar and Kim Fortun. Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science. New Orleans, USA, Sept 5. https://stsinfrastructures.org/content/kaleidoscopic-sts-interruptions-g...

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Cyber hate speech on social media: sentiment analysis

Ecuadorian LGBTQ awareness month

Interrupting Air Pollution: Ethnography, Art, and Urban Disruptions in El Vado (Cuenca, Ecuador)

Cotopaxi Space Station

Shared Questions: Innovating STS

All Innovating STS exhibits are oriented by nine shared questions in order to generate comparative insight. These are:

ARTICULATION: What STS innovations (of theory, methodology, pedagogy...Read more

About Innovating STS

Furthering its theme, Innovations, Interruptions, Regenerations , the 2019 annual 4S meeting in New Orleans will include a special exhibit, Innovating STS , that showcases innovations ...Read more


STS as a language for new forms of interdisciplinarity

Kaleidos – Center for Interdisciplinary Ethnography articulates efforts between the University of Cuenca and FLACSO-Ecuador to promote interinstitutional and interdisciplinary collaborations. Created on April 5, 2018, this ethnography-centered research space in the global south aims to bring...Read more


Transforming the possibilities for Knowledge Production

In Ecuadorian social sciences, interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches are relatively new and rather scarce within academia. Kaleidos has been created as a horizontal decision-making research platform that can welcome a variety of projects under the umbrella of interdisciplinary...Read more


Envisioning a Center for Interdisciplinary Ethnography

A research center in the global south—like Kaleidos—speaks to the history of postcolonial neoliberal construction of academic infrastructures. What this means is that Kaleidos was purposefully set up in the global south. It is part of thinking about the power relations behind academic...Read more


Kaleidos Engagement

Kaleidos aims to produce research that informs local problems through socially engaged mechanisms, and by combining multidisciplinary perspectives to the development of innovative solutions to global challenges. The Center for Interdisciplinary Ethnography - Kaleidos produces academic research...Read more



Research Centers as novel Academic Opportunity

We want to suggest research centers like Kaleidos can become innovative academic spaces in the growing context of global academic labor precarity—which is certainly not exclusive to the US—and we want to argue for the central role of ethnography in imagining new ways of engaging with the world...Read more


New contributions, new conversations

We aim to generate scientific knowledge from spaces that have historically remained peripheral to academic production. Kaleidos has the ability to connect STS debates—often produced in the global north and in English—to new (non)academic audiences. In doing so, our research production can expand...Read more