Kaleidoscopic STS: interruptions from the global south

At Kaleidos - Center for Interdisciplinary Ethnography at University of Cuenca & FLACSO - Ecuador, we envision STS as a kaleidoscopic intervention into economics, ethics, knowledge, and politics from the global south. We explore how novel academic infrastructures can become pathways for interrupting and regenerating the field of STS. Through a series of collaborative essays we render visible in this exhibit the many ethnographic approaches to STS in Cuenca, Ecuador; from environmental governance, to disability studies, LGBTQ+ algorithms, and financial frontiers, we interrogate how the anthropocene unfolds on the ground. Our aim here is to showcase how STS has enabled us to promote collaborative projects that tie together universities, industries, publics, and institutions in new and mutually attractive modalities of interdisciplinarity and interdependence. The field of STS has allowed Kaleidos to open up the imagination of researchers in multiple fields of study who can look into this approach as a way of combining and collaborating through their different fields of expertise.


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