María Elissa Torres Carrasco


Universidad de Cuenca
Av. 12 de abril
Cuenca, A




I studied cinema at the “Universidad de Cuenca” and anthropology at the “Universidad Politécnica Salesiana”. I´ve made a few fiction short films and an anthropological documentary about the neighborhood “Lira de Oro” ubicated in a banana and montubio village in the south of Ecuador. I`ve also made an ethnography about this little town.
Since my adolescence I´ve worked with feminist and ecologist social movements in the city of Cuenca, being the activism a huge and important part of my academic and social life.
In Kaleidos I am part of the Laboratorio de Sociedad Urbana, where I am doing an ethnography about the patrimonial neighborhood of Cuenca, and I also work in the PrideLab where we are doing an ethnography about the radial program “Sin Etiquetas”