Shared Questions: Innovating STS


All Innovating STS exhibits are oriented by nine shared questions in order to generate comparative insight. These are:

ARTICULATION: What STS innovations (of theory, methodology, pedagogy, practice, engagement, …) are being articulated?

NEED: Why is this STS innovation needed?

FRAMEWORKS: What frameworks have been mobilized to articulate this STS innovation?

INFRASTRUCTURES: What (social, institutional, political etc.) infrastructures have sustained this STS innovation?

EXAMPLES: What are notable examples of this STS innovation in action/practice?

INTERRUPTION: How does this innovation interrupt habitual modes of doing STS?

REGENERATION: How does this innovation regenerate STS?

CONTEXTS: What geographic and temporal contexts characterize this STS innovation?

ENGAGEMENT: How does this STS innovation engage with audiences beyond the university?


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July 3, 2019 - 4:26am

Critical Commentary

This text artifact lists orienting questions for the Innovating STS exhibit.



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