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The Society for Social Studies of Science Student Section (6S) exists to facilitate interactions among students and early career scholars in science and technology studies and to promote their interests within 4S. 6S serves three core aims: to facilitate networking and professional development amongst students and early career scholars; to represent interests of students and early career scholars to the 4S Council and within 4S as an organization; and to contribute to the continued vitality and development of 4S through the coordinated activity of its student and early career members.

Towards these aims, the Social Studies of Science Student Section (6S) has hosted workshops and events during the annual meetings of the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) designed to facilitate community among students and junior scholars of science studies, and further opportunities for collaboration.

This year, the 6S pre-conference workshop will take place virtually on Monday, August 17, 2020. The workshop is free to 4S student members and between 40-50 graduate students (PhD/Masters programs or equivalent) are expected to participate.

Participants have been asked to complete at least two exercises out of the seven available options. These should be completed in advance of the virtual workshop meeting and participants will then review and engage with each other’s exercises via the STS Infrastructures platform. Virtual sessions on August 17 will be structured as one-hour sessions organized around each sketch and guest faculty speakers will moderate conversations around the exercises and beyond.

The sketches used for this workshop were developed by Dr. Kim Fortun.

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The full 6S charter can be found here.


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July 21, 2020 - 12:16pm

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This artifact contextualizes 6S and the 2020 workshop.

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