Nima Madjzubi "collaboration bio"

Nima Madjzubi

Goethe Universität Frankfurt Institute of Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology

I am a MA STS student at Goethe Universität Frankfurt. I studied Cognitive Neuroscience...Read more

About 6S Sketch Groups

An initiative of the Student Section of the Society for the Social Studies of Science (6S) , the 6S Sketch Groups are a new year-long program organized around research exercises focused on themes of shared interest of participants.

What...Read more

Selen Eren Collaboration Bio

Selen Eren University of Gronigen, STS

I am a doctoral researcher at Campus Fryslân, the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. I study how knowledge claims are produced and how credibility is achieved in bird ecologists’ knowledge infrastructures consisting of...Read more

6S 2020 Workshop Collaborative Notes Documents

To facilitate documentation of the 6S 2020 workshop sessions, we have established one collaborative notes document per sketch. At the beginning of your session, please assign at least one person...Read more

6S 2020: Who is Participating?

AO: This gives aggregated responses from some of the workshop registration questions in order to get a better sense of the kinds of participants who registered for this year's workshop.Read more

Maka Suarez

I’m co-founder of Kaleidos-Center for Interdisciplinary Ethnography (University of Cuenca & FLACSO-Ecuador). My current ethnographic focus is on two interdisciplinary research projects. The first is a team effort to build EthnoData, a multimodal and multimedia platform that...Read more

360 degree Academia

When we try to see something beyond? when we are already in that space and want to explore things beyond.

While working with the Reang tribe in Tripura, India. I realized that their language...Read more

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