2020 Dec 7. Transcript of Audio Clip on What Counts as "Technical."

Transcript of Audio Clip Recorded December 7, 2020

Angela Okune:

I can start with the technical education since I'll probably draw from the post that I wrote kitambo [a long time ago] and like pull from other stuff. I think what's really interesting about the...Read more


Transcript of Audio Clip Recorded December 7, 2020

Leo Mutuku:

No, no, no, like, TVETs [Technical Vocational Education and Training colleges] have gone through like these periods of importance and emphasis and that's important to emphasize....Read more

Syracuse University Libraries: Kenya National Archives

AO: This is a pdf of the Syracuse University Libraries' website which they states serves as a guide to the Kenyan National Archive collections at Syracuse University Libraries. I also included a sub-page within the site which describes how Syracuse University libraries partnered with KNA...Read more

2020 Dec 07. Transcript of Audio Clip on NGO-ization

Transcript of Audio Clip Recorded December 7, 2020

Angela Okune:

So in a version--basically I got feedback on the blog post that I had shared you that you said you got the chance to look at--I also revised that and submitted it as a paper. And so the professor...Read more

Carotenuto Matthew and Katherine Luongo. “Navigating the Kenya National Archives: Research and Its Role in Kenyan Society.” History in Africa 32 (ed 2005)

TM: Interesting peice that prepares the researcher of the wealth of resources at the Kenya National Archives. However, this archaival resources come at a price as the anthropologically romanticized struggle researchers face at the archives as they navigate the waters of the KNA is documented in...Read more

Rarieya, Marie, and Kim Fortun. 2010. “Food Security and Seasonal Climate Information: Kenyan Challenges.” Sustainability Science 5 (1): 99–114.

Abstract: "This article examines challenges to food security in areas especially vulnerable to the effects of climate variability and change, and the potential contribution of seasonal climate forecasting. Drawing on long-term study of the way environmental information is developed and...Read more

Gisesa, Lilian. 2008. “Libraries and Democracy: The Role of the Kenya National Archives and Documentation Service.”

AO: This paper by Lilian Gisesa was presented at a conference in Nairobi hosted by the Goethe-Institute and Kenya National Librarians. It demonstrates the fluid relationship between archives and the libraries.Read more

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