Kenya National Museum Library

The joint Library of the National Museums of Kenya and East African Natural History Society (Nature Kenya) was established in 1910 with an aim of maintaining a reference collection for research. The Library is open for use to members of the Museums staff, researchers working temporarily at any of the Museums, members of the Museum Board of Governors, members of Nature Kenya, Members of the Kenya Museum Society, Librarians of the established libraries recognized by Kenya Library Association, and members of the general public at a minimal fee. The NMK Library houses information focused on botany, entomology, herpetology, biodiversity, paleontology, archaeology and anthropology among others. Find more information here.

This essay is part of a broader essay on Scholarly Memory in Nairobi, Kenya which includes McMillan Library, Kenya National Museum Library, British Institute in Eastern Africa Archives, Kenya National Archives, and PALIAct Ukombozi Library.


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June 9, 2019

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