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TM:There is an immense footprint left by the colonial power in the state of libraries in Kenya; McMillan Library in Nairobi stands out in timeless Victorian architecture only speaking of the...Read more

AO. Poor record keeping as reason corruption can thrive

AO: Mnjama (2003) seems to suggest that archival sites are important for accountability of the government and civil servants. He views public record keeping and archives as a mechanism for...Read more

Elaborations, Methods, Reflections

AO: This exhibit focuses attention on sites and institutions which have been tasked to care for primary ethnographic materials, what I call elsewhere qualitative research data. Given the limited scope and time available, in this iteration of the exhibit, we were not able to follow the people who...Read more

Decolonizing the library

“I was actually trying to find books by African authors. The content in this library are from the views of specifically white men, which is super problematic.” -Kenyan artist during a tour of the library. “When it was opened in 1931, this library was never intended for African users. So when it was...Read more
Mangat, Rupi. “Slow Death of Library That McMillan Built.” The East African, May 3, 2010.

TM:Description on the place of McMillan Library in Nairobi in time and space. Furthermore, there is a description of the library's evolution over time in regard to its state as a physical building and most importantly on the archived material's state.Read more

"In your own opinion, what were the core aspects that made iHub Research what it was?"

" Novelty - that you were part of something new and exciting. Not just research but a niche in tech research (discovery). The team. The calibre of the individuals who started iHub Research were top notch. You just have to look at where they are now to understand this in hindsight. Brilliant minds (...Read more

AO. Situating McMillan library in the city

AO: This paragraph from the blog post describes where the library is situated and its surrounding environment.

Behind me, to the left of the library doors, city council parking

...Read more
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