6S 2020

prerna srigyan annotation wishlist 2070

I am very early in my project development, and I have not articulated questions for my project either. I think I am clearer at this point about my longer research program than a specific...Read more


Jackie Ashkin (CWTS, Leiden Univeristy)

Hey you! I'm a doctoral candidate at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies all the way in Leiden, the Netherlands. My research is all about how scientists make the ocean into an authorized object of empirical...Read more

Clara Fernández Collaboration Bio

My name is Clara Fernández de Bobadilla and I am a PhD student at the Complutense University of Madrid, in Spain. I’m a social and cultural anthropologist and I am currently working on a research project about digital data technicians (i.e. data scientists, data analysts, data engineers...Read more


Shubh Gupta

JNU | CSSP | AI & Society

I am PhD student at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Centre for Studies in Science Policy. I studied Engineering in Computer Science branch from National Institute of...Read more

Shubh Gupta

Hey Clara,

I find your area of study to be very interesting. I am working on a project in India where I am tracking how the mobile application is tracking covid patients in India and how...Read more

Cheri Johnson Sketch 7

While working on a non-classified project for the US Navy, planning future logistics routes and associated security infrastructure in the Arctic region, I was aware of the numerous...Read more

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