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I am very early in my project development, and I have not articulated questions for my project either. I think I am clearer at this point about my longer research program than a specific PhD project. I am hoping to make the connection backwards--figuring out my place in the world as a researcher and what my commitments are and then designing a PhD project that reflects those commitments. So here is my list in the order of what I have been thinking about most recently to what I think I would feel really good about if I am able to do them. 

  1. Understanding science pedagogy and research infrastructures that respond to discursive gaps 

  2. Politics and tactics of collaboration: I want this to be an cross-cutting question throughout my research program

  3. Transnational STS: I still don’t know what I mean by that but I think it is partly figuring out the “sites” of my research program and partly designing my research program to be relevant across scales and responsive through time. 

Some specific questions  I have been thinking with for some time:

  1. How do progressive scientific and environmental justice movements incorporate visions of social change or social justice?

  2. How do we interface between scientific and political education while questioning assumptions of secular liberalism undergirding pedagogy in general?

  3. What legacies of advocacy and pedagogy do we learn from? 

Things I want to do in the next 5 years or so 


  1. Think with graduate students about how to intervene in science pedagogy: What is required of us at this moment? What can we do?

  2. Form an organization with graduate students, community organizers and scholars to intervene science pedagogy in India, and elsewhere. For example: thinkng and devleoping curricula, understanding existing capacities and legacies
  3. Learn about non-written forms of science pedagogy and build modules around that for different levels 
  4. Facilitate conversations between discussions of secularism, liberalism, and science-technology  


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