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Khandekar, Aalok and Kim Fortun. 2019. Innovating STS Digital Exhibit, curated by Aalok Khandekar and Kim Fortun. Society for Social Studies of Science. August.

About Innovating STS

Furthering its theme, Innovations, Interruptions, Regenerations , the 2019 annual 4S meeting in New Orleans will include a special exhibit, Innovating STS , that showcases innovations in STS as well as ways “innovation” has been studied, conceptualized, practiced, and critiqued. Extending 4S’s...Read more

Shared Questions: Innovating STS

All Innovating STS exhibits are oriented by nine shared questions in order to generate comparative insight. These are: ARTICULATION: What STS innovations (of theory, methodology, pedagogy, practice, engagement, …) are being articulated ? NEED: Why is this STS innovation needed ? FRAMEWORKS: What...Read more