The Arcades - An Analysis of Memory and it's Deterioration in the Digital Age

The focus of The Arcades... is on the way memory is effected in a digital age, where the use of smart devices is becoming one of the primary forms of archival and documentation. The Aracdes... began as a video-based art installation, filling a room with projections meant to transport the observers into a familiar space, but one that is not necessarily their own. More recently the project has taken a turn focusing not only on the effects of digital documentation, but also on the roles of mental illness, and issues such as dissociation in the creation of memory. Using video and sound to open a conversation with the viewers about the influence of technology in memory allows us to also bring forward conversations on the ways that other's are affected that might otherwise be less clear. Materials from this exhibit that could be achieved online include; documentation of the space (i.e. photographs), and video/sound clips from the installation.


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Created date

August 6, 2019