Data for "Ecuadorian STS: Imaginaries, Institutions and Place"

This essay presents data artifacts that accompany the journal article "Ecuadorian STS: Imaginaries, Institutions and Place" published by Engaging Science, Technology and Society (ESTS).

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Albornoz, María Belén. 2023. "Ecuadorian STS: Imaginaries, Institutions and Place." Multi-part. Version 1. Distributed by Engaging Science, Technology, and Society. STS Infrastructures (Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography).

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ESTS Open Data Editor Tim Schütz and ESTS Associate Editor Angela Okune

Data Availability Statement for "Ecuadorian STS: Imaginaries, Institutions and Place"

In compliance with the principles of promoting transparency, reproducibility and open science practices I provide the following Data Availability Statement for my article titled “Chakana and Thirdspace: Engaging Ecuadorian STS in Places of Knowledge Coproduction” to be published in Engaging Science, Technology, and Society. 

The article draws upon the project we initiated in June 2019 under the banner of Ecuadorian STS: A Story from the Middle of the World for STS Infrastructures. Below is a concise overview of the materials that have been provided as a source data:

- The Chakana STS Logo
- CTS Ecuador
- The Latin American Thought in the Science, Technology, Development, Dependency Question
- Summer Schools and
- Academic programs , and
- Publications
- Mentors
- Research Centers: CTS Lab, and Kaleidos
- Ernesto Lleras
- Dominique Vinck

The article stablishes a connection between two distinct publication platforms: academic journals and projects such STS Infrastructures, a pivotal initiative in the realm of STS. This combination offers an array of research materials that encompass the multifaceted dimensions of STS scholarship.

These materials comprise scholarly articles, essays, reports, and studies that delve into critical inquiries regarding the complex interplay between science, technology, and society, becoming a valuable contribution to the field of STS.