Cyber Hate Speech on social media: Sentiment Analysis in Cuenca, Ecuador

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Torres, María Elissa, Jessica Slattery. 2019. "Ecuadorian LGBTQ Awarness Month" In Suarez, Maka, Jorge Nunez, Maria Elissa Carrasco Torres, and Ronny Rafael Zegarra Pena. 2019. “Kaleidoscopic STS: interruptions from the Global South." In STSInfrastructures Digital Exhibit, curated by Aalok...Read more

ABOUT Cyber Hate Speech on social media: Sentiment Analysis

On June 12, 2019, Ecuador passed the Same-Sex Marriage Act. At Kaleidos’ PRIDE lab, we are tracking the public backlash against the LGBTQ community following this law through the analysis of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). In this project, we are collaborating with “Sin...Read more


Due to various legal advances that have occurred in Ecuador in recent years, academics, activists, highschool teachers, and the general public are in need of information on LGBTQ rights and challenges. We want to create accessible educational resources for all those seeking information in...Read more


We are currently conducting a social media sentiment analysis of the public reaction to the same-sex marriage law in an effort to link the digital discourses with the reality of the wellbeing of LGBTQ people in Ecuador. Through collaboration with quantitative researchers, we are carrying...Read more


In Kaleidos’ PRIDE lab, we are working within the disciplines of Anthropology and Systems Engineering. Our theoretical framework is grounded in queer theory and our research initiatives fundamentally interrogate the foundational categories of gender, sexuality, and identity. We also...Read more


This project is the first sentiment analysis conducted by the PRIDE lab, as well as Kaleidos Center. Upon the completion of this project, we will assess the effectiveness of sentiment analysis as a method that we can employ for future projects.

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While various legal human rights have been established for the LGBTQ community (such as the decriminalization of homosexuality in 1997, the Gender Identity Law in 2016, and same-sex marriage in 2019), public sentiment among Ecuadorians has not been in sync with these legal advances. After...Read more


Through our work at Kaleidos’ PRIDE lab, we operate within numerous infrastructures. Kaleidos is situated within two top-level Ecuadorian universities (University of Cuenca and FLACSO Ecuador) that provide a research community of scholars and activists who share a deep commitment to...Read more