The British Institute in Eastern Africa (BIEA) Archives

The British Institute in Eastern Africa (BIEA) has been active since 1960 and has its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. According to its website, BIEA exists to promote research in all the disciplines in the humanities and social sciences within the wider region of eastern Africa. In its renovated research centre in Nairobi which includes a reference library, BIEA contains original archival materials including conference papers from the 1960s under the University of East Africa; original fieldnotes from ethnographic studies conducted in the 1990s and transcribed interview data from the 1990s.

The Institute is sponsored by the British Academy.

This essay is part of a broader essay on Scholarly Memory in Nairobi, Kenya which includes McMillan Library, Kenya National Museum Library, British Institute in Eastern Africa Archives, Kenya National Archives, and PALIAct Ukombozi Library.


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May 30, 2019

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Angela Okune, Syokau Mutonga and Trevas Matathia Nyambura. 30 May 2019, "The British Institute in Eastern Africa (BIEA) Archives", STS Infrastructures, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, last modified 20 August 2019, accessed 17 June 2024.