1994. Ruscio. "Policy Cultures: The Case of Science Policy in the United States"


"Throughout its history, the relationship between government and science in the United States has been mutually beneficial but also contentious. This article reviews the recent history of this relationship and attributes the conflict to different norms and values in each of the institutions. A policy culture is the result. It sets the limits of government action and shapes the policy agenda, the debates, and their outcomes. The evolving norms of policy culture are examined on the basis of two specific controversies: pork-barrel support of science and university-industry relations. The article concludes with a discussion of why the study of a policy culture helps us understand the ways in which values shape science policy."


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May 23, 2018 - 3:39pm

Critical Commentary

This 1994 article by Kenneth P. Ruscio examines the relationship between the US government and science, attributing conflict to different norms and values.



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