In the slow turn away from speculative philosophy to grounded ethnography, from the “ontological” turn to the ecological turn, from presentism to future scenario-and-design thinking, and from linguistic enclosures to curiosity about translation across linguistic-and-cultural grammars (other ways of thinking), a new open-access online journal from, but maybe not in or about, Japan has poked its head up. The new semi-annual journal NatureCulture, among other things, is an experiment in self-publishing.

It seems not to be locatable in the Hollis catalogue (the library portal of Harvard University which also links to other libraries, and in itself is the second largest research library in the United States after the Library of Congress), but it is easily locatable online by just typing in the name in a search engine. It is peer-reviewed, with prominent editors, contributors, and advisory board. It has been welcomed and introduced by EASTS (the International Journal of East Asian Science and Technology Studies) as one of a number of companion journals. The editors of NatureCulture tend to locate themselves as anthropologists with interests in STS, while also smitten by speculative philosophy memes. They locate themselves as engaging with contradictory imperatives, “staying with the trouble” as Haraway has memorably put it.

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