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The Royal Commission into Aboriginal Land Rights in the Northern Territory, 1973-74

In this discussion, Edward Woodward, Nicolas Peterson, and Max Charlesworth discuss the 1973 Royal Commission into Aboriginal land rights in the Northern Territory. It aims to 'situate the Royal Commission in its historical context, and also to speculate to some extent about the whole Land...Read more

The Anthropology of Science

This essay provides an overview of anthropology as a discipline and method, and argues that, while anthropology is often associated with an analysis of pre-scientific societies, it can be useful for exposing the 'myths' and 'rituals' of scientific communities. 

The artifact comes...Read more

Max Charlesworth - Remarks on Teaching Methods at Deakin University

This essay, which was written in response to a paper by Dr. Jevon on teaching methods at Deakin University, reflects on the values and challenges of embracing interdisciplinary teaching, and considers the implications of 'off-campus' students and teaching, particular in relation to regional...Read more

Scientists and the Soul

This talk transcript by Max Charlesworth, which aired on ABC Radio National's 'Ockham's Razor' program in June 1998, discusses scientific attempts to demistify the nature of human consciousness and rationalise the concept of 'the soul'.

The artifact comes from the Max Charlesworth...Read more

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