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Brave New Genetics?

This essay considers the politics of the 'eugenicist dream' of genetically engineering 'desireable' character traits and dispositions, particularly in relation to gender and sexuality. 

The artifact comes from the Max Charlesworth archive, currently held at Deakin University.Read more

Reconstructing the Social, Environmental Infrastructures, and Indigenous Knowledg

This poster was created as a part of Anthropologies of Science and Technology in Japanas an STS Across Borders gallery collection at the 4S 2018 annual meeting at Sydney, Australia.

This poster helps to answer the shared...Read more

Newspaper Clippings feat. Max Charlesworth

This artifact includes three separate articles published in the mainstream media that feature interviews and commentary from Max Charlesworth. The articles each address the Anthropological study of science, particularly in relation to research that was conducted by Charlesworth and other STS...Read more

The Anthropology of Science

This essay provides an overview of anthropology as a discipline and method, and argues that, while anthropology is often associated with an analysis of pre-scientific societies, it can be useful for exposing the 'myths' and 'rituals' of scientific communities. 

The artifact comes...Read more

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