Baldwin. 1963. A Talk to Teachers.

James Baldwin delivered this speech before a group of educators on October 16, 1963, to address epistemic violence faced by Black children even before they have stepped foot in a classroom. Navigating a world that is not designed for them and that does not benefit them, creates doubt and rage...Read more

The Magic School Bus Made the World Safe for Weird Teachers (2020)

"eccentric"; "odd-but-good"; "diverse interests, complete fearlessness, and unflagging cheer"; " unafraid to be enthusiastic"; "never the hero"Read more

The Role of Genre in a Text: Reading through the Waterworks (2004)

Authors discuss the interplay of different genres in the children's book The Magic School Bus: At the Waterworks (1996) with Ms. Frizzle as their science teacher. Read more

James Baldwin's Lesson for Teachers in a Time of Turmoil (2017)

Clint Smith is inspired by James Baldwin's 'A Talk to Teachers' (1963) to become political in his high school English classroom in the aftermath of the Charlottesville shooting in 2017. The incident provoked the...Read more

Teachers in Fiction

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Ms. Frizzle

Eccentric. Odd. Good. Iconic. Created by writer Joanna Cole and illustrator Bruce Degan, Ms. Frizzle is the adventurous and fabulous teacher of The Magic School Bus, a series of books and a show that continues to influence and inspire teachers, students, and has produced many pedagogical innovations. Read this PECE essay on Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus to explore why. 

Jack Black on Teaching

A scene from the movie School of Rock (2003) fronted by Jack Black. A proverb for those who dismiss teaching as a second-rate profession. It shows how ideals of meritocracy undermine the intellectual and cultural work that teachers do. 

Robin Williams on being a teacher

Robin Williams portrays dedicated, mission-oriented teacher John Keating who suffuses a cohort of high school students with his love of poetry. He is up against a schooling system that stifles creativity for efficiency. 

Who Gets to Be on the Bus?: Tracing Conceptions of Race in and around The Magic School Bus from 1986 to 2018 (2021)

Author critiques MSB for its superficial focus on multiculturalism with whiteness as the dominant frame. Even though the visual representations of MSB characters in the Netflix reboot have changed, the cultural stereotypes have stagnated since the 1980s. Read more

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