Latin American STS Agendas: Main Bibliographic References

South–North migrations (and the so-called “brain drain”)

Babalchevski, Elizabeth, and Marques, Fabricio. 2009., “Fuga de cerebros en Brasil: los costos públicos del errado entendimiento de una realidad académica...Read more

MSTS Prosem Syllabus - Fall 2017

Mei Zhan taught this MSTS Prosem class in the fall of 2017 for UCI Anthropology graduate students.Read more

Syllabus "Writing Innovation Studio" Rachel Douglas-Jones & Laura Wattss

The STS Pedagogies workshop panel "Making a case for ourselves" discussed writing workshops and courses as a boundary object for STS scholars institutionally. This is the syllabus of a writing and reflection-on-writing-using-STS course I co-taught, which others may find of interest for the...Read more

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