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Rhoda Omenya on iHub Research origins

What do you think was unique about the type of work that iHub Research conducted?

The tech scene in Kenya came to life I believe from 2010 when techies in Kenya had a space to come together and do great stuff as opposed to working as lone wolves (cue the 'alone I go faster,...Read more

Burrell, Jenna. 2009. “The Field Site as a Network: A Strategy for Locating Ethnographic Research.” Field Methods 21 (2): 181–99.

AO: This 2009 paper by Jenna Burrell explores strategies devised by researchers to map social research onto spatial terrain. She focuses in particular on the logistical issues involved and practical steps to constructing virtual and networked sites into "field sites". This article includes...Read more

Wahome, Michel, and Ellis Rubinstein. 2011. “Malaysia Collaborates with the New York Academy of Sciences to Develop an Innovation-Based Economy.” The Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences : MJMS 18 (3): 1–3.

Abstract: "If Malaysia is to become a high-income country by 2020, it will have to transform into a knowledge-based, innovation economy. This goal will be achieved by developing an atmosphere conducive to experimentation and entrepreneurship at home; while reaching out to partners across the...Read more

CFP: Resistance is Fertile! On Being Sons and Daughters of Soil

AO: This call for paper for a forthcoming book edited by Lesley Green, Nikiwe Solomon, and Virginia MacKenny of the Environmental Humanities South Centre at the University of Cape Town, South Africa highlight topics and areas of interest for the group.Read more

Auerbach, Jess. 2017. “What a New University in Africa Is Doing to Decolonise Social Sciences.” The Conversation (blog). May 2017.

AO: This blog post by Jess Auerbach lays out seven commitments being undertaken by the newly formed African Leadership University to help meet their goal of a decolonial social science curriculum, which they hope will shift educational discourse in a more equitable and...Read more

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