Rhoda Omenya on iHub Research origins


What do you think was unique about the type of work that iHub Research conducted?

The tech scene in Kenya came to life I believe from 2010 when techies in Kenya had a space to come together and do great stuff as opposed to working as lone wolves (cue the 'alone I go faster, together we go further' mantra). As a result, Kenya was dubbed Silicon Savannah. ... But all the 'stuff' happening had no grounding in evidence. This is where iHub Research was key. Providing evidence of all the tech happening, investigating the innovations and providing documentation of the same and thereby letting the world know what was actually happening outside the hype and fluff.


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June 27, 2018 - 12:00am

Critical Commentary

Angela Okune: This excerpt from a survey response by Rhoda Omenya sheds light on the origins of iHub Research and illustrates how the emergence of the organization was a result of a desire to have more evidence-based understanding of what was going on related to tech in Nairobi.


Rhoda Omenya



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