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STS in Africa

Burrell, Jenna. 2009. “The Field Site as a Network: A Strategy for Locating Ethnographic Research.” Field Methods 21 (2): 181–99.

AO: This 2009 paper by Jenna Burrell explores strategies devised by researchers to map social research onto spatial terrain. She focuses in particular on the logistical issues involved and practical steps to constructing virtual and networked sites into "field sites". This article includes...Read more

Helena Barnard on future directions of STS in Africa

Helena Barnard (April 25, 2018): " The rise of predatory journals and what it suggests about how African scholars perceive the process of knowledge generation is a critically important issue."Read more

STS in "Africa" Extended Narrative

Scholars working on Science and Technology in Africa have worked on a wide range of projects related to cultural astronomy ( Holbrook ; Segla ); innovation and entrepreneurship ( Wahome ; Mavhunga ; Avle ; Densmore ; Odumosu ; Mwenda ; Burrell ); hardware “hacking” ( Coban ; Mboa Nkoudou ); data (...Read more
Pollock, Anne. 2013. “Enbrel and the Autoimmune Era.” The Atlantic, June 18, 2013.

AO: This article published in The Atlantic discusses how a pharmaceutical drug, Enbrel, illustrates how we are intimately connected to our drugs. Pills and injectable drugs are tangible objects that are external to us, but upon consumption, they transform us and even...Read more

4S 2018 Poster: iHub Research Build Lab

This poster series was created as part of  IHUB RESEARCH (2011 - 2017): A CRITICAL TECHNOLOGY ACTION RESEARCH GROUP WITHIN NAIROBI'S FLAGSHIP TECH INNOVATION HUB, an STS Across Borders gallery collection at the 4S 2018 annual meeting in Sydney, Australia. All posters...Read more

Hecht, Gabrielle. 2012. Being Nuclear: Africans and the Global Uranium Trade.

Abstract: "Uranium from Africa has long been a major source of fuel for nuclear power and atomic weapons, including the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. In 2003, after the infamous “yellow cake from Niger,” Africa suddenly became notorious as a source of uranium, a component of nuclear weapons. But did...Read more
Mutuku, Leonida and Mahihu, Christine. 2014. "Open Data in Developing Countries." Final Report. iHub Research.

AO: The Open Data in Developing Countries Project run by iHub Research set out to understand initial impacts of the Kenya Open Data Initiative (which was launched in 2011). The study found that three years after the launch of the data initiative, there has not been substantial documentation of...Read more

Benton, Adia. 2016. “African Expatriates and Race in the Anthropology of Humanitarianism.” Critical African Studies, October, 1–12.

AO: This 2016 paper by Adia Benton focuses on how structures of inequality shape the everyday practices of humanitarianism with a focus on African expatriates working in African countries in which they are not "native". She argues that African expatriates operate under conditions in which...Read more

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