Event: Decolonizing the Internet Conference

This invite-only conference organized by Whose Knowledge?, an initiative with the aim of centring the experience and knowledge of Global South and other marginalized internet users ran in July 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa. It sought to explore the question “What are the boundaries of Science and Technology in Africa and how should we recognize and address both the uniqueness of African knowledge production and innovation on the one hand, and the potential that STS work in Africa has to offer to the field as a whole on the other?”

This PECE essay helps to answer the STS Across Borders analytic question: "What events have marked the development of this STS formation?".

This essay is part of an essay on events that have helped to bring the "STS in Africa" formation together, which is part of a broader exhibit on "STS in Africa."


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August 10, 2018

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Aadita Chaudhury and Angela Okune. 10 August 2018, "Event: Decolonizing the Internet Conference", STS Infrastructures, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, last modified 16 August 2018, accessed 23 July 2024. https://stsinfrastructures.org/content/event-decolonizing-internet-conference