STS in Africa

Mutuku, Leonida and Mahihu, Christine. 2014. "Open Data in Developing Countries." Final Report. iHub Research.

AO: The Open Data in Developing Countries Project run by iHub Research set out to understand initial impacts of the Kenya Open Data Initiative (which was launched in 2011). The study found that three years after the launch of the data initiative, there has not been substantial documentation of...Read more

Segla, Aimé. 2016. “Viewing Formal Mathematics from Yoruba Conception of the Sky.” Journal of Astronomy in Culture 1 (1).

AO: This 2016 paper by Aimé Segla is in the UC e-scholarship respository as an open access paper. It views formal mathematics through the interpretation of Yoruba sky knowledge (Yoruba Cosmology) and attempts to demonstrate that linguistic codes elaborated from...Read more

Rarieya, Marie, and Kim Fortun. 2010. “Food Security and Seasonal Climate Information: Kenyan Challenges.” Sustainability Science 5 (1): 99–114.

Abstract: "This article examines challenges to food security in areas especially vulnerable to the effects of climate variability and change, and the potential contribution of seasonal climate forecasting. Drawing on long-term study of the way environmental information is developed and...Read more

Jude Mwenda on future directions of STS in Africa

Jude Mwenda (May 5, 2018): "biotechnology, precolonial making" Read more

Angela Okune on the future directions of STS in Africa

Angela Okune (June 6, 2018): I think that future research related to science and technology in/from/on Africa should look at research infrastructures, that is, the technical, legal, political, economic and social infrastructures that have been and are being established to produce...Read more

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