Lesson Plan: “The Black Scientific Renaissance of the 1970s-90s:” African American Scientists at Bell Laboratories

This lesson plan is downloaded from the American Institute of Physics' (AIP) Center for the History of Physics to teach about the 1980s and 1990s' "Black renaissance" in Bell Labs, stimulated by the Bell Labs’ Cooperative Research Fellowship Program. Read more

Media Coverage: Black Women in the Academy: Defending Our Name, 1894-1994

This is the compiled media coverage of the 1994 conference Black Women in the Academy: Defending Our Name, 1894-1994, the first national academic conference for black female scholars in the US. Read more

A ‘magic’ school bus brings science class to schools in need (2021)

Non-profit organization Learning Undefeated brings an "explorer lab bus", a mobile STEM lab to rural and low-income schools for immersive STEM experiences. Read more

This School Year, Unleash Your Inner Ms. Frizzle (2020)

A mom of a six-year old daughter vows to be inspired by Ms. Frizzle to tackle remote learning during the COVID19 pandemic. Read more

James Baldwin's Lesson for Teachers in a Time of Turmoil (2017)

Clint Smith is inspired by James Baldwin's 'A Talk to Teachers' (1963) to become political in his high school English classroom in the aftermath of the Charlottesville shooting in 2017. The incident provoked the...Read more

Article: Horton, Highlander, and Leadership Education: Lessons for Preparing Educational Leaders for Social Justice

"Influenced by Myles Horton’s vision and leadership, the Highlander Folk School became an adult education program centered on social change via the labor and civil rights movements. In this article, I examine the pedagogy and practice of Myles Horton and the Highlander Folk School and identify...Read more

Strife in the Schools: Education Dept. Logs Record Number of Discrimination Complaints

"The Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights logged a record number of discrimination complaints in the past year". Journalist Erica L. Green writes about a number of school districts in the U.S. where "race-conscious" pedagogy and curricula has come under fire from conservative parents...Read more

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