Media Coverage: Black Women in the Academy: Defending Our Name, 1894-1994

This is the compiled media coverage of the 1994 conference Black Women in the Academy: Defending Our Name, 1894-1994, the first national academic conference for black female scholars in the US. Read more

Calling Ms. Frizzle: Sharing Informational Texts in an Elementary Classroom

Zapata and Maloch discuss best practices for reading informational texts, working with a third-grade teacher who wants to be like Ms. FrizzleRead more

This School Year, Unleash Your Inner Ms. Frizzle (2020)

A mom of a six-year old daughter vows to be inspired by Ms. Frizzle to tackle remote learning during the COVID19 pandemic. Read more

The Role of Genre in a Text: Reading through the Waterworks (2004)

Authors discuss the interplay of different genres in the children's book The Magic School Bus: At the Waterworks (1996) with Ms. Frizzle as their science teacher. Read more

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