Attunements to Fog

By characterizing capture as entailing both by relations of connection and relations of disconnection, Whitehead avoids the pitfall of understanding “the act of capture as a relation between two individuals already constituted before the capture itself,” where one party would become...Read more

ITU STS Program

This is an essay written by Prof. Hacer Ansal in Turkish. Prof. Ansal established the first STS MA program at a Turkish university (Istanbul Technical University) back in 2000. In the digital collection "...Read more

The Tao of Multispecies Ethnography

Bringing together different perspectives is at the heart of multispecies ethnography, but this approach is not new to indigenous people. Indigenous people are already talking to ornithologists. I am personally inspired by the collaboration between biologists and indigenous people that I...Read more

Report by Ergun Türkcan

This report was prepared by Ergun Turkcan during the establishment of TEKPOL at METU, and discusses the possibilities for collaboration with Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at Sussex University. It includes detailed notes of visit to the SPRU (28 September 1995). [text marked by Duygu...Read more

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