2020 Dec 07. Transcript of Audio Clip on NGO-ization

Transcript of Audio Clip Recorded December 7, 2020

Angela Okune:

So in a version--basically I got feedback on the blog post that I had shared you that you said you got the chance to look at--I also revised that and submitted it as a paper. And so the professor...Read more

STS @ ITU (2000-2006): Beginnings

The first Master’s Degree program in “Science, Technology, and Society” was launched in 2000 under the Institute of Social Sciences at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in Turkey. The program was jointly administered with the European Inter-University...Read more

Justification for the establishment of Tekpol

A document that notes "the condition" in the world and in Turkey as a rationale behind the establishment of a research center for science and technology policies at Middle East Technical University in Turkey.

This document is included in the analysis of the establishment of...Read more

Appendix B: Interview Schedule

This document includes all three interview schedules, focused on participants' experience in the course.

Find the other data linked here and further details...Read more

ESTS Redesign Scoping Document

This artifact compiles research conducted and key insights gained by the Editorial Collective of ESTS journal. This research has supported the website redesign, content managements system upgrade, and the ongoing digital and social infrastructuring of the journal. The research was compiled by...Read more

Appendix D: Participant experiences

This document includes a description of the research participants’ experiences coming into the course, and their changing views of science and science studies.

Find the other data linked ...Read more

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