STS @ ITU (2000-2006): Beginnings

The first Master’s Degree program in “Science, Technology, and Society” was launched in 2000 under the Institute of Social Sciences at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in Turkey. The program was jointly administered with the European Inter-University...Read more

STS @ ITU (2000-2006): Conditions

Once we excavated the archives, we observed that STS formation in ITU (2000-2006) was influenced by multiple factors, some of which are listed below.

Integration of Turkey...Read more

Appendix C: Tables

This document includes tables outlining the readings assigned each week, and a description of the participants’ final assignment topics.

Find the other data linked ...Read more

Data Availability Statement for "Placing STS In and Through Turkey"

The article “Placing STS in and through Turkey” is mostly based on two exhibitions prepared or contributed to by us, the authors of the article. These exhibitions – “An Archaeology of STS in Turkey” (Kaşdoğan, Yetişkin, and Erol 2018) and “Innovating STS in Turkey” (Kaşdoğan and Alkan 2019) –...Read more

Latin American STS Agendas: Main Bibliographic References

South–North migrations (and the so-called “brain drain”)

Babalchevski, Elizabeth, and Marques, Fabricio. 2009., “Fuga de cerebros en Brasil: los costos públicos del errado entendimiento de una realidad académica...Read more

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