Power, Ideology, and Technological Determinism

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May 30, 2018 - 12:38am

Critical Commentary

In this 2015 article, David Hess uses his experiences studying with renewable energy advocates to problematize the theoretical framework Talyor Dotson employs to construct a democratic politics of technology. Rather than resorting to the "unicausal method of semiotic or psychocultural analysis," Hess suggests the trifold conceptual framework of field theory: meaning, agency, structure (2015, 122).



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David J. Hess, "Power, Ideology, and Technological Determinism", contributed by James Adams, STS Infrastructures, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, last modified 30 May 2018, accessed 26 March 2023. https://stsinfrastructures.org/content/power-ideology-and-technological-determinism