Infiltrating STS Inside the Walls of STS-free Institutions

Haldun Özaktaş is an academic in the field of electrical engineering who started to teach the course “Science, Technology, Society” at Bilkent University, in 1995. This course is the first introductory STS course given in a university in Turkey, and it is still on the engineering curricula as a...Read more

Attunements to Fog

By characterizing capture as entailing both by relations of connection and relations of disconnection, Whitehead avoids the pitfall of understanding “the act of capture as a relation between two individuals already constituted before the capture itself,” where one party would become...Read more

Justification note by Hasan Ünal Nalbantoğlu

A note written by the sociologist Hasan Ünal Nalbantoğlu regarding why the center for science and technology policies needs to be established at the Middle East Technical University (27 October 1995) [text marked by Duygu Kaşdoğan].

This document is included in the analysis of the...Read more

2020 Dec 7. Transcript of Audio Clip on What Counts as "Technical."

Transcript of Audio Clip Recorded December 7, 2020

Angela Okune:

I can start with the technical education since I'll probably draw from the post that I wrote kitambo [a long time ago] and like pull from other stuff. I think what's really interesting about the...Read more

Justification for the establishment of Tekpol

A document that notes "the condition" in the world and in Turkey as a rationale behind the establishment of a research center for science and technology policies at Middle East Technical University in Turkey.

This document is included in the analysis of the establishment of...Read more

Learning to be a sensing plant

[One of the plant scientists] tells me how her lab is trying to bring this sunflower experiment indoors, into controlled conditions. “We can do this in a growth chamber too. So we’ve got LED...Read more

STS in Japan and East Asia: Governance of Science and Technology and Public Engagement

This 2009 article by Yuko Fujigaki describes the development of Japanese STS from the 1980s up to the planning processes for the 2010 4S Meeting in Tokyo. The article also focuses on analyzing historical case studies (Minamata disease, itai-itai disease, the Monju nuclear power plant incidents)...Read more

2020 Dec 07. Transcript of Audio Clip on NGO-ization

Transcript of Audio Clip Recorded December 7, 2020

Angela Okune:

So in a version--basically I got feedback on the blog post that I had shared you that you said you got the chance to look at--I also revised that and submitted it as a paper. And so the professor...Read more

STS @ ITU (2000-2006): Beginnings

The first Master’s Degree program in “Science, Technology, and Society” was launched in 2000 under the Institute of Social Sciences at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in Turkey. The program was jointly administered with the European Inter-University...Read more

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