Attunements to Fog

By characterizing capture as entailing both by relations of connection and relations of disconnection, Whitehead avoids the pitfall of understanding “the act of capture as a relation between two individuals already constituted before the capture itself,” where one party would become...Read more

STS @ ITU (2000-2006): Topics

The topic of the Second Semester Specialisation Program was “Building and Maintaining Life in Development Process” and the program offered the following courses in modules:

1. Module: Non -Western Modernities

(...Read more

ESTS Data Publication Agreement

ESTS developed two supporting documents to be completed by contributors interested in submitting their source data for publication by ESTS, this Data Publication Agreement and a Data Availability Statement guidance. This Data Publication Agreement explicitly lays...Read more

Data Availability Statement for the Feminist Theory Theater Workbook

Data Availability Statement for the Feminist Theory Theater Workbook

Feminist Theory Theater—or FTT as we lovingly abbreviate it—is a way to read theory (or anything) with others. Inspired by feminist STS and its commitments to embodied, situated and distributed sense-making, FTT asks...Read more

Data Availability Statement for "Brain-Computer Interfaces, Inclusive Innovation, and the Promise of Restoration"

Summary of Source Material As discussed in our main study text, our findings are tied closely to the context of the study itself. Most rehabilitation professionals reported that they had little or no prior knowledge of brain-computer interfaces. For this reason, the specific...Read more

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