Data Index for "Locating Multiple NatureCultures"

Mohacsi, Gergely. 2018. “‘Experimenting through NatureCulture’ (PECE Essay). In Anthropologies of Science and Technology in Japan, edited by Yoko Taguchi, Miki Namba, Grant Jun Otsuki, Gergely Mohacsi, and Shuhei Kimura. STS Across Borders Digital Exhibit, curated by Aalok Khandekar and...Read more

About ESTS Open Data

A broad movement in the scholarly community is pushing towards data sharing or “Open Data,” particularly in the natural sciences and medicine. Recognizing that there are compelling reasons why scholars in STS and related fields are wary of data sharing and careful to protect their work,...Read more

Table S2: Full item wording

In the study by Sample et al. (2022), most rehabilitation professionals reported that they had little or no prior knowledge of brain-computer interfaces. For this reason, the specific wording used to introduce brain-computer interfaces, as well as the wording of subsequent question about ethics...Read more

ESTS Redesign Scoping Document

This artifact compiles research conducted and key insights gained by the Editorial Collective of ESTS journal. This research has supported the website redesign, content managements system upgrade, and the ongoing digital and social infrastructuring of the journal. The research was compiled by...Read more

Aesthetics of more-than-human worlds in the Art of Sonia Levy

"Whether it is the nightly activities of urban foxes ( Vulpine Domesticity, 2010-2013 ), a humpback whale telling the story of how it moves about ( ...Read more

Appendix A: Course Outline and Readings

The documents includes a detailed schedule of each of the classes during the semester, the dates on which they happened, the in-class activities, assignments, readings, and preparation required for each class. It also includes a description of the assignments and course readings....Read more

2020 Dec 07. Transcript of Audio Clip on NGO-ization

Transcript of Audio Clip Recorded December 7, 2020

Angela Okune:

So in a version--basically I got feedback on the blog post that I had shared you that you said you got the chance to look at--I also revised that and submitted it as a paper. And so the professor...Read more

Report by Ergun Türkcan

This report was prepared by Ergun Turkcan during the establishment of TEKPOL at METU, and discusses the possibilities for collaboration with Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at Sussex University. It includes detailed notes of visit to the SPRU (28 September 1995). [text marked by Duygu...Read more

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