Week 2 : orientations

This annotated response is my temporary and situated understanding emerged from the certain readings regarding STS in relation to its epistemology,...Read more

4S abstracts on Labour, Technology and Automation

My research interests consider the effect of technology and automation on the labour, labour process and labour relations in the context of redefining means of production and industrial...Read more

What is disaster?

A Disaster is an event or series of events, which gives us casualties and loss of private as well as public properties, infrastructure, environment, essential services or means of livelihood on...Read more

4S abstracts on Labour, Technology and Automation

The fear of technology engulphing fifty percentage of human work in the immediate future became a big hipe in both popular and academic circles. The social constructivist theories try...Read more

Technology as Mediation

Technology as Mediation : On the Processes of Engineering and Reception of the Entertainment Robot "AIBO"(<Special Theme>Anthropology of Science and Technology)

Keywords: moments of juncture, artificial intelligence, ...Read more

4S abstracts on Labour, Technology and Automation

The very fear of technology as a Frankenstein monster, which is embedded in the western epistemology of knowledge and science,  lead the pioneer STS scholars to unpack the myth of " automation"...Read more

2014. Berman. "Not Just Neoliberalism: Economization in US Science and Technology Policy"

"Recent scholarship in science, technology, and society has emphasized the neoliberal character of science today. This article draws on the history of US science and technology (S&T) policy to argue against thinking of recent changes in science as fundamentally neoliberal, and for...Read more

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