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4S abstracts on Labour, Technology and Automation

The fear of technology engulphing fifty percentage of human work in the immediate future became a big hipe in both popular and academic circles. The social constructivist theories try...Read more

Power, Ideology, and Technological Determinism

In this 2015 article, David Hess uses his experiences studying with renewable energy advocates to problematize the theoretical framework Talyor Dotson employs to construct a democratic politics of technology. Rather than resorting to the "unicausal method of semiotic or psychocultural analysis...Read more

4S abstracts on Labour, Technology and Automation

My research interests consider the effect of technology and automation on the labour, labour process and labour relations in the context of redefining means of production and industrial...Read more

4S abstracts on Labour, Technology and Automation

Yes, there are critical silences upon certain aspects of labour and labour process in relation to the direct impact of automation,  for example, 4S conference abstracts which took place in...Read more

4S abstracts on Labour, Technology and Automation 4

Abstract 4 Machines and Humans: Risk, Fear and CollaborationScientific Colonization of Images of Social Robots in Taiwan Kuan-Hung Lo, Virginia Tech This paper explores how the concept of "scientific colonization" affects the place of social robots Taiwanese people believe. By taking archival...Read more
Technology as Mediation

Technology as Mediation : On the Processes of Engineering and Reception of the Entertainment Robot "AIBO"(<Special Theme>Anthropology of Science and Technology)

Keywords: moments of juncture, artificial intelligence, ...Read more

Week 2 : orientations

This annotated response is my temporary and situated understanding emerged from the certain readings regarding STS in relation to its epistemology,...Read more

4S abstracts on Labour, Technology and Automation 3

Abstract 3 Automation and the Transition to the Robotocene: Towards a Robotocene?Robotocene: Sociotechnical imaginaries of a robotic future Roger Andre Søraa, NTNU “The robotic future” is a theme that has for a long time fascinated writers, artists and futurists alike. The sociotechnical...Read more

ESTS: Talking STS

Introduction: Talking STS , Fadhila Mazanderani, Isabel Fletcher, Pablo Schyfter “Things Can Be Done Here That Cannot So Easily Be Done Elsewhere”: Jane Calvert Talks with Arie Rip , Jane Calvert, Arie Rip Cracking the Crystal in STS: Marcelo Fetz Talks with Harry Collins , Marcelo Fetz, Harry...Read more
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