"In your own opinion, what were the core aspects that made iHub Research what it was?"


"Novelty - that you were part of something new and exciting. Not just research but a niche in tech research (discovery).

The team. The calibre of the individuals who started iHub Research were top notch. You just have to look at where they are now to understand this in hindsight.

Brilliant minds (knowledge). Outputs. Because this was a novel undertaking done by a brilliant team, the outputs of the research were noteworthy. Either generating knowledge in the tech space in Kenya and Africa or to identify solutions and link them to practical use, e.g. tech and governance.

It wasn't just research for the sake of it. It was research with purpose and direction (sharing)."


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May 20, 2018 - 6:28am

Critical Commentary

Rhoda's response highlights how iHub Research was motivated to contribute insights about the Kenyan tech ecosystem that could be operationalized and fed back towards improving the overall community and their initiatives.


Rhoda Omenya