The aim of the Transnational STS Publishing Group is to strengthen the theory and practice of STS publishing through sustained dialogue and collaboration among STS editors and allies. The group brings together journal, book series, and blog editors, people developing new forms of STS publishing, and all interested in the design and politics of STS publishing. The group welcomes both experienced and emerging publishing practitioners. The group has built on discussions among STS journal editors at the 2018, 2019 and 2020 meetings of the Society for Social Studies of Science. The group holds quarterly video conference discussions addressing an array of questions.  The Transnational STS Publishing Group is collaboratively convened by the Transnational STS Network and the Engaging Science, Technology and Society Editorial Collective. 

The October 30th meeting of the Transnational STS Publishing working group was slated to discuss the conceptualization, financing and infrastructuring of open access in STS work. See full description of the event here

Across scientific fields, there are increasing expectations that publications link to source data. This rarely happens in STS publishing.  In the January 22th meeting of the Transnational STS Publishing working group, we discussed why publishing source data could be valuable in STS publishing, what types of data could and should be published, the infrastructure needed, and questions about privacy, ownership, attribution and modes of reuse.