The Transnational STS Network brings STS scholars together to theorize and practice “Transnational STS.” The T-STS Network basically aims to: 

  1. Reflect on the transnational character of STS: What makes STS transnational? How would transnational STS contribute to the future of the field? What are the limitations of doing transnational STS?

  2. Contribute to knowledge production processes in STS: How would doing transnational STS innovate the field? What are the best methods and methodologies to foster transnational knowledge production in a collaborative manner? How would transnational STS add to the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary character of the field?

  3. Experiment with different ways to put STS into practice at multiple scales from a comparative perspective: How would doing transnational STS contribute to STS teaching and publishing? What would transnational STS add to local efforts in engaging with the public, decision-makers, scientists, activists, and other related actors? How would doing transnational STS create a change in the world?

  4. Support STS community and program building efforts, building transnational links between communities: How does STS unfold in different parts of the world? How can we support STS scholars in their efforts to build STS communities and programs in different social, cultural, and political contexts?


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March 20, 2020 - 9:22am

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