STS in Africa: Eco

This essay answers the analytic question: “What material constraints are said to undergird science and technology work in Africa?” While used more infrequently within analyses of science and tech in Africa, notable factors mentioned included flooding (Tichenor 2017), plant growth (or lack thereof) (Foster 2017), the decay and remains of industry (Pollock 2014) and labs (Tousignant 2018). Notably, time was mentioned both for its scarcity (Crane 2010; Bezuidenhout 2017) and structuring of the day (shared time zones across geographic zones) (Pollock 2014).

This essay is part of a broader orals document by Angela Okune querying Science and Technology Studies in Africa. Sub-essays within the orals doc can be accessed directly through the following links: Discursive Risk; DeuteroMetaMacroMicroNanoTechnoDataEco.


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July 31, 2018

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Angela Okune. 31 July 2018, "STS in Africa: Eco", STS Infrastructures, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, last modified 24 August 2018, accessed 6 June 2023.