Sounding Ecologies in Mexico: Re-linking place and space

On a first reading, I couldn't find much in common with our own text, but the emphasis on sound and how it is produced with and through places (and then again it produces new spaces) could be put in parallel with our own call for reterritorialize naturecultures without falling back to a stable notion of place. I'd like to think of both of these papers as attempts to re-link place and space, but this may be more of a wishful thinking than the actual aim of the authors of this paper.

The notion of acoustemology invites us to ask: What role do these "sound objects" play in the production of knowledge about diabetes, disappearance or biodiversity loss, and in the emplacement of the "field"? What do they tell us about the experience of disease, forensic self-organization or ecological monitoring? This essay unfolds as an exercise in, as Helmreich suggests, ”how to gather a toolkit for thinking about how space, presence and soundscapes are produced" (Helmreich 2010:??). (p.1)

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