Maka Suarez


I’m co-founder of Kaleidos-Center for Interdisciplinary Ethnography (University of Cuenca & FLACSO-Ecuador). My current ethnographic focus is on two interdisciplinary research projects. The first is a team effort to build EthnoData, a multimodal and multimedia platform that allows users to collaboratively create their own theorizations and stories by sharing a wide variety of datasets, including official statistics, news archives, curated images, videos and soundscapes, and diverse ethnographic material. My second project examines the relationship between aging, caring and dietary practices among elderly adults in southern Ecuador. I have also conducted work with Ecuadorian migrants in Barcelona, ​​exploring how class relations intersect with debt, migration, labor, gender and generational relationships.


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August 11, 2020 - 10:47pm

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This collaboration bio is updated as of August 11, 2020. I created this artifact to share with fellow participants in advance of the 6S pre-conference workshop. The full essay of collaboration bios can be found here.

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