Data Availability Statement for "Ethics of Emerging Technologies: An Interview with Geoffrey C. Bowker"


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I, Elen Nas, conducted an interview with my supervisor, Professor Geoffrey Charles Bowker in the Informatics Department of University of California Irvine, on May 13, 2020 via Zoom. ​​

At the time, we were still adapting to the mode of remote teachings and discussions. The interview cannot be detached from the historical moment of the beginning of the first pandemic we ever experienced in our lives. The historical context of the conversation has an underlying sense of "what did we do for things to go so wrong" because we were experiencing a limitation of social contact, and that is not trivial for the sake of human cognition and mental health.

I had sent interview questions to Geoff in advance by email. We did not have time to go through all the questions, so we set to meet again on May 15th, when we improvised some of the questions and had a more open-ended conversation. Geoff took the calls from his home in Long Beach and I called from University of California Irvine on-campus housing.

I edited the audio to select the moments mentioned in the commentary and decided not to share parts where the interviewee interrupted the interview to take care of personal issues. Also, a few comments where the language can sound inappropriate to some listeners, depending on their cultural backgrounds and morals, were taken out. 

Audio clips from the interview are openly available in STS Infrastructure at

ESTS chose, for practical reasons, not to share the full transcript but only the audio provided by the author. The full transcript and audio file is available, upon reasonable request. Interested individuals should email Elen Nascimento at with your request.

Both I and Professor Geoffrey Bowker are scholars that understand the sharing of data as valuable to further STS studies. As data analysis might have biased influences, sharing the raw data can allow others to compare and reflect upon it.

Any further publications using this data should notify the authors using the email above, giving the space of response, if that will be the case.


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April 23, 2022 - 6:50pm

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This is a data availability statement for the article "Ethics of Emerging Technologies: An Interview with Geoffrey C. Bowker" by Elen Nas, published in the journal Engaging Science, Technology, and Society.

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